Amarillo | Amsterdam Easter Tango 2018

In 2018 we are planning another long extended Easter weekend (29 March-2 April) with special milongas in cooperation with Lovely Tangoweekend by Ezequiel and Geraldin. They will organize workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with these maestros:

Cristian Correa and Miriam Copelo
Gustavo Rosas and Gisela Natoli
Martin Labruna and Andrea Bestvater

The maestros will perform at the various milongas during the Amarillo weekend. See details of the programme below.

Main programme:

Thu 29 March - Milonga Huize Lydia    20:00-23:30 / 10,- / dj Francesco Cieschi (D) Facebook-event
Fri 30 March - Milonga Berretin 21:30-02:00 / 10,- / dj Rodrigo Alveniz Gisela & Gustavo
Andrea & Martin
Sat 31 March - Milonga El Cielo 21:00-02:00 / 10,- / dj's Age & Sebastián Facebook-event
Sun 1 April Easter - MZGB 19:00-01:00 / 12,- / dj Elena Gossi (Gr) Ezequiel & Geraldin    Facebook-event
Mon 2 April Easter - MZGB 17:00-23:00 / 12,- / dj Toufik Cherifi (B)     Miriam & Cristian Facebook-event

Tuesday classic
For many years now, tangueros in Amsterdam and elsewhere come to dance tuesdays at Los Locos. So if you can extend your Easter weekend, This place is definitively worth it.

Amarillo gives you an Easter event with top international dj's, experienced organizers and wonderful locations around the city of Amsterdam. Plenty of options to extend your stay in a city full of contemporary lifestyle.
This tango weekend is not to be missed!

We hope to see you at one or more of our Amarillo Easter events.

Wouter & Jan Dirk, organizers of the 10th Tangomarathon Amsterdam from 13-15 July 2018 and 5th Tangotrain Amsterdam from 25th Dec 2018- 1 Jan 2019.